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    By Vincent Naughton on July 10, 2015

    Mick Ryan, information security consultant at Ward Solutions, gives an overview of his time at the company and shows why it's a great place to work

    • Mick Ryan, information security consultant, Ward Solutions

      Mick Ryan, information security consultant, Ward Solutions

      Tell us what you do at Ward Solutions:
      I have been part of the team at Ward Solutions for more than eight years and my role is information security consultant. During that time, I’ve worked on a range of projects for clients in both the private and public sectors. It’s an exciting industry to work in as it’s constantly changing.  Staying on top and ahead of the latest trends and developments is crucial and is a vital part of my job.
      What does a typical day involve for you at Ward?
      It’s hard to define as every day is different, and new projects come into the fold while others wind down. For example, at the moment I spend three days per week off-site at the head offices of a client working on a number of intensive projects which involve the handling of customers’ data, which can be tricky but very rewarding. As a senior consultant, it’s part of my role to go to conferences, webinars, and events to stay up to date with the latest developments and trends in information security, so that also leads to a lot of variation in my schedule but it is essential in staying in touch with the latest changes in the industry.
      What is the most challenging aspect of your role?
      The ever-growing and ever-changing threat of cybercrime is the most challenging aspect. Information security is an incredibly fascinating and challenging career – cybercriminals are constantly thinking of new ways to keep us in our jobs! Every week we see new, more innovative and more worrying cyberattacks take a toll on people, organisations and even entire countries.
      It is a constant battle to stay on top of this and help our customers’ to keep their businesses secure. Since I joined Ward in 2007, I’ve provided a range of consultancy services with many different customers, including penetration testing, risk assessment & audit, social engineering, and secure network design. We recently commissioned a survey which showed that almost half of Irish workers have experienced personalised spear phishing attacks at some stage with almost 10% of these being successful. Cybercrime and the sophistication of these attacks have never been more prevalent.
      What do you enjoy most about your role in Ward Solutions?
      I’ve touched on it already, but the opportunity to keep learning and the new challenges I face definitely stand out. Whether it’s working on a new project and getting to know the specific needs of customers, researching the latest malware attacks, or assessing customers’ IT infrastructure, every day is different and full of fresh experiences.
      Culture is so important in the workplace. Ward recognises the necessity for myself and the team of consultants to be at the top of our game – we get the time and flexibility to study and understand the latest industry trends and developments. This means our clients have access to the latest training, techniques and expert opinion.
      How does Ward Solutions create a positive working environment?
      Working at Ward is a positive and rewarding experience. It’s full of talented people and that has enabled me to grow in my own role and learn and develop my skillsets. There’s a great work-life balance! Ward encourages and organises great social events for all staff to get involved in. I’m a big fan of golf and there’s usually an event relating to the sport to look forward to, as well as things like the occasional night at the races and plenty more.
      Every month we host a half-day session, where a few topics are chosen and someone speaks on them. It gives everyone a chance to catch up and also allows us to discuss what’s happening in the industry and see things from different perspectives. It really is a great team and I feel privileged to work here.
      If you’re interested in joining the team at Ward or finding out more about our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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