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    Let Ward Solutions help organisations in their path to secure cloud adoption, advising on appropriate cloud models for their business, delivering secure design, implementation services and a fully Managed Security Service, providing you with a single provider for all your requirements.

    Cloud adoption is increasing for most organisations whether it’s part of an organisational policy or not. The challenge is to determine and manage the risks associated with migration to the cloud, cloud use, cloud change management or unauthorised cloud use.

    While cloud may be a standard vanilla service, organisations business needs are anything but, so there are no simple templates to satisfy your business needs to manage your risk.

    Organisations are also increasingly getting security technology and services as SaaS from the cloud, which is a significant departure from traditional on-premise, customer-owned, customer managed security solutions. Correctly selecting, implementing and operating these security services as a service is extremely important to ensure appropriate risk mitigation and protection.

    Ward Solutions have a wide range of highly specialised cloud security services and solutions to help organisations manage their cloud adoption and use. We can help you throughout the entire cloud lifecycle from initial cloud adoption risk assessments, to cloud migration, cloud discovery, secure cloud implementation, ongoing cloud review to provision of security solutions from the cloud.

    We offer a wide range of cloud services to assist clients with:

    • Cloud readiness assessment: to determine their current level of cloud maturity capability, cloud strategy and risk. The goal of this service is to determine a roadmap and approach to secure cloud adoption.
    • Cloud discovery: to provide organisations with visibility and inventory of cloud usage and adoption (authorised and unauthorised) in their organisation. This inventory allows an organisation to protect, control and manage their usage in line with their strategy.
    • Secure cloud adoption: Ward can review organisations use of Microsoft’s Office 365 or Microsoft Azure cloud services and ensure that their tenancy is appropriately secure. We can also help implement migration and secure configuration of these environments.
    • Microsoft Cloud Security services: Ward can help customers design, use and implement key security services from the Microsoft Officer 365 and Microsoft Azure Cloud – such as Azure Active Directory, Azure Information protection (AIP), Enterprise mobility + security (EMS).
    • Cloud Identity and Access Management Services: a range of IAM services to assist with user and device access during cloud migration, adoption and for ongoing operation.
    • Cloud risk assessment, security review and penetration testing: a range of service from initial or ongoing risk assessment to penetration testing of cloud services either as part of initial cloud selection due diligence or as part of ongoing cloud use.
    Provision of Security Solutions as a Cloud Service, namely a range of security solutions as a service from our partner and Ward Solutions cloud including:

    • Managed SIEM
    • Network Perimeter and Secure Wireless Management
    • Multi Factor Authentication
    • Managed Cloud Access Security Broker
    • Managed EndPoint
    • Threat Intelligence
    • Vulnerability Management
    These services provide organisations with:

    • The full range of Cloud security services from initial or ongoing risk assessment, security assurance, strategy through to design, implementation, operation and support.
    • The ability to understand the risks and vulnerabilities in their initial cloud adoption and ongoing cloud use to manage and mitigate these risks.
    • The ability to implement cloud security solutions to secure their data and services.
    • The ability to consume security solutions as a service from the cloud.
    • The full range of IAM solutions needed for a comprehensive IAM process in cloud use.
    • Solutions that address all cloud security requirements ranging from governance, productivity through to risk management, security remediation, compliance management, audit and reporting.
    • Solutions that enable organisations to seamlessly undergo cloud adoption by ensuring that users and devices have the appropriate and timely access to the services and data that they need.
    • A range of security solutions provided, implemented and managed as a service reducing time to deploy, the need for capital expenditure or on premise infrastructure.

    The service is provided by our endpoint security service offers the following benefits to organisations:

    • Your organisation gains enhanced identity quality, gaining a more complete and comprehensive view of your users and what they have access to.
    • You avail of enhanced security, ensuring that users are valid and only have access to the resources and information that they need, for the minimum time required. Ensure users are removed and disabled once they leave or change role.
    • You benefit from enhanced productivity by ensuring that users are not suffering downtime waiting for access to services or data and where possible they can self-service their needs.
    • You benefit from an improved delegation of access. Take responsibility, decision making and administration of user access to resources away from IT administrators and place these tasks in the hands of a line of business owners, business unit managers. Those best placed to determine who should get access to what systems and data for how long. Better still you can pre-define policies and automate these tasks based on agreed and document policies taking people out of the loop as much as possible thereby eliminating delays, mistakes and corruption.
    • Your organisation can avail of enhanced compliance and auditing by automating policy enforcement and capturing access, grants, revocation, creation, deletion etc. ensures you can audit and report on compliance with policy or non-conformance or exceptions to policy etc.
    • You benefit from greater actionable insights for your overall security.
    • You experience reduced complexity from centralised management.
    • Our service is provided at a reduced overall cost.

    Where to start with Cloud Security?

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    Implementing controls and technologies to protect you from an increasingly complex threat landscape.

    Ward is well known for our high-end infrastructure and top of the line softwares and technology. Our experts will help select, implement and provide operational services with these high end tools and technologies to help your business automate, maintain compliance and also reduce costs.
    With the dynamic nature of our market we stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies. Cybercriminals are aware that businesses employ the most advanced technology and this is why they use advance techniques and already have enough resources to carry forward a successful attack. This is why it’s important for companies to make sure they are secured end-to-end.

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    • Let us provide the services, consultancy or infrastructure as a service to you thereby removing the skills, resources challenges and capital costs burden from you and your business, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

      • Provide you with a range of consultancy services as a bundle to service a role or roles in your organisation – e.g. Information Security Office or Data Protection Officer
      • Provide you with the skills and resources you need to supplement your teams, resources and skillsets.
      • Supply you with various security infrastructure(s) and their operation – as a service to address a particular need – e.g. secure perimeter or secure endpoint thereby relieving you of the capital, training and internal resourcing requirements.
      • Provide you with proactive and reactive security monitoring and management solutions.
      • Provide proactive and reactive support services to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your Information Systems.
      • Ensure that you meet your compliance and contractual commitments and services levels to your users, partners and customers.
      • Provide you with all of the call and ticket handling, issue resolution, escalation and service level reporting services that an enterprise support service requires.