• Remote working

    Assess and test how secure your remote working posture is, from endpoint security to corporate and cloud access.

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  • Incident Response

    Proactive and Reactively helping you to reduce the time to detect, effectively respond to, and rapidly recover from Cyber Security incidents.

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  • Managed Security

    Providing 24x7 monitored and managed protection of your people, data infrastructure and applications.

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Ward Solutions are an information security consultancy and managed services company.

We help organisations protect their brand, people, assets, intellectual property and profits by identifying the threats, and minimising the risks that they face.

  • We are a nationwide organisation that offers a wide range of information security services that have helped many businesses stay secure across the world

Our Partners

We only work with partners who help us deliver on our core philosophy of increasing your security while reducing your cost and complexity.

Latest Insight & News

  • Using Breach Attack Simulation to make your SIEM more effective - Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an important tool for reducing cyber risk. Enterprises have been investing substantial sums to SIEM solutions in both capital and operating budget lines for the past 15 years. Despite this, year after year, industry studies indicate that SIEM users are dissatisfied with their investments. SIEM solutions have been...Read More >>
  • 5 Requirements of Modern Cyber Testing Solutions - Security testing should be the north star of successful security leadership, not simply a nice-to-have. On the other hand, our security validation tool should inform you in real-time if your security controls can withstand the most advanced contemporary attacks if either your existing investments are generating ROI and where you need to direct the organization...Read More >>
  • Over 90% Of Threats Are Initiated By Email - Email Security Report has revealed that over 90% of all successful cyber attacks around the world begin with a phishing email. Cyber criminals are adopting and deploying increasingly sophisticated techniques to bypass spam filters and firewalls. Human nature and unaware or preoccupied users are considered contributing factors as they can often be tempted to download a file...Read More >>
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