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    Protecting organisations in an increasingly complex threat landscape.

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  • Cyber Security Testing

    Identifying Security Risks and Vulnerabilities through application, infrastructure, social engineering, web, mobile and cloud testing.

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  • Managed Security

    Providing 24x7 monitored and managed protection of your people, data infrastructure and applications.

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Ward Solutions are an information security consultancy and managed services company.

We help organisations protect their brand, people, assets, intellectual property and profits by identifying the threats, and minimising the risks that they face.

  • We are a nationwide organisation that offers a wide range of information security services that have helped many businesses stay secure across the world

Our Partners

We only work with partners who help us deliver on our core philosophy of increasing your security while reducing your cost and complexity.

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  • Difference between a Vulnerability Scan and Penetration Test - As a security company we get asked these questions a lot of times and surprisingly we see the number of businesses that actually think these two are just the same but here are the main reasons why you need to know the difference between the two. Please note the below are drawn from industry best...Read More >>
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