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    Proactive and Reactively helping you to reduce the time to detect, effectively respond to, and rapidly recover from Cyber Security incidents.

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    Providing 24x7 monitored and managed protection of your people, data infrastructure and applications.

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Ward Solutions are an information security consultancy and managed services company.

We help organisations protect their brand, people, assets, intellectual property and profits by identifying the threats, and minimising the risks that they face.

  • We are a nationwide organisation that offers a wide range of information security services that have helped many businesses stay secure across the world

Our Partners

We only work with partners who help us deliver on our core philosophy of increasing your security while reducing your cost and complexity.

Latest Insight & News

  • Does TikTok pose a potential threat to your Network? -   TikTok is “unacceptable security risk” and should be removed from app stores, says FCC  In an article on Malwarebytes labs, we read that Brendan Carr, the commissioner of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), told Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai that “TikTok poses an unacceptable national security risk due to its extensive data harvesting being...Read More >>
  • What are the benefits of ZTNA & SD-WAN: -   What are the benefits of ZTNA & SD-WAN: According to our partners Fortinet, Using SD-WAN to improve WAN efficiency does not have to compromise security. The business outcomes deliver several key benefits including: Better application experience Instant ROI benefits Automation for a simple connectivity Consistent security at all edges FortinetSecure SD-WAN solution protects an...Read More >>
  • XDR: Expectation Vs Reality - Last year XDR was listed as one of Gartner’s Top 10 Security Projects for 2020-2021. XDR (extended detection and response) had freshly emerged as a new approach to proactive protection against modern attacks. Now in 2022, Cybersecurity environments are becoming more complex and as a result, security teams have to navigate a multitude of security...Read More >>
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