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Ward Solutions

Securing your Information at all times
with all of the services and solutions you need

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Security Consultancy

How do I achieve and maintain compliance
with best security practices, ISO 27001 or PCI/DSS?

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Audit & Testing

How can I be sure and demonstrate
that my Information is secure?

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Forensics & Incident Response

I need an expert to perform discreet standards based
investigation of an incident and act as expert witness.

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How do I comprehensively secure my systems
and information, efficiently and cost effectively?


About Ward Solutions

Ward Solutions is Ireland’s largest Information Security provider. As Ireland's leading provider of Information security and risk management solutions, we provide a comprehensive range of information security services centred on assessment and assurance, strategy and architecture, through to systems integration and deployment, all wrapped in enterprise managed services from a single source. Our client base is predominantly comprised of blue chip clients, the top 1000 companies in Ireland, central government departments, state agencies and semi-state bodies. At any time we are delivering services and solutions to approximately 300 of these clients. Some we deal with every day, by running their Information Security practice, managing their network and infrastructure or developing applications. For others, we deliver services on a project basis or through periodic auditing services. Our clients trust us to work on the most sensitive areas of their business. We work with you at every stage of your Information Security need. Our highly skilled team helps you to be compliant with standards, best practices or legal frameworks. We audit and verify your information security posture. We respond to and investigate security incidents. Using our vast experience and knowledge, we supply, implement and support best of breed Information Security technologies from a wide variety of vendors to automate your risk mitigation, security operation and compliance. We optimise your Security posture and reduce your costs.

Insights & News

  • QRadar and Ward Solutions’ advanced Security Operations Centre – the perfect combination!

    Welcome to the third and final blog in Ward Solutions’ QRadar Masterclass! In this blog we’ll take a look at the powerful analytical functionality that the QRadar platform offers, which is monitored and managed from Ward’s state-of-the-art Dublin-based Security Operations Centre.
    Do you know what one of the leading causes of data breaches is? Complacency – i.e. thinking that your business is safe from digital th...

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  • IBM QRadar – The super-powered security platform!

    Welcome back to Ward Solutions’ QRadar Masterclass, our series of blogs aimed at showing you how IBM’s QRadar security intelligence platform can help your business to tackle cyber-crime head on. Today we’re taking a look at some of the advanced features of QRadar and how they work.
    Visibility is critical to defending against threats
    Visibility over all areas of your business is critical to defending...

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  • Sign up to Ward Solutions’ QRadar newsletter today and you could win free security services worth €3,000!

    Let’s start with a question: How long on average do you think it takes companies to detect that their systems have been breached? 48 hours? One week? No. According to recent research, hackers can remain undetected for an average of 200 days before companies realise that they are at risk. That provides them with a whole lot of time to figure out exactly where your most sensitive information is located, and plan a strategy to ste...

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