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    Assessing and transforming your security posture, helping you achieve regulatory, legislative and industry sector compliance requirements

    Attaining and maintaining an ISO27001 certification is a huge benefit to organisations in terms of demonstrably improving their security to customers, management and regulators. Use Ward Solutions expertise, experience and resources to do the heavy lifting to help you determine what you need to do and carry out those tasks in order to get compliant. We can also conduct pre-surveillance audits to ensure that you maintain that improved security posture and compliance.

    Have a look at how we helped Motech protect their business and their customers data with ISO 27001. Click here

    Quite often organisations utilise legacy and ad hoc approaches to their Information Security. This results in weaker security, increased costs and poor governance.

    There is a need today for many organisations to standardise their approach and management of Information Security to a best practices framework in order to appropriately protect their information assets, to demonstrate this best practice approach to internal and external stakeholders such as audit, risk, compliance and supply chain.

    ISO27001 is one of the internationally recognised standard that provides a systemic approach to the organisation, management and operation of information security. Achieving ISO27001 certification demonstrates to your stakeholders that you have an effective approach to information security.

    Using ISO27001 as an overarching security management framework is also an effective way to coherently manage and prevent compliance sprawl arising from industry and legal compliance regimes such as GDPR, PCI/DSS and SOX.

    Ward Solutions ISO27001 consultancy service assists organisations in getting certified. Ward has one of the largest pool of trained, certified and experienced ISO27001 consultants on the island of Ireland.

    Our team has a highly effective ISO27001 compliance attainment program that helps an organisation to attain and maintain ISO27001 certification in a timely and cost-effective manner.

    • Use ISO27001 as an internationally recognised best practice Information security framework to assist in reducing your risks and to help assure internal and external stakeholders of your Information Security posture and operations.
    • Use our experiences, resources, activities and templates to gain ISO27001 certification quickly and cost effectively.
    • Our service is tailored completely to your requirements in terms of services delivered, time and commercial models.
    • Use our team and services to augment your existing strategic information security resources with another strategic resource to either bring areas of expertise not within your team or to accelerate work packages.


    We first assess the current state of your business process, compliance and industry framework and design a security strategy program to strengthen your organisation’s security posture.


    Ward’s services help you achieve compliance and we ensure you have all the necessary safeguards in place to defend your business and protect your customer.


    Let our experts help you identify where you need to optimise in your security posture.

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    • Let us provide the services, consultancy or infrastructure as a service to you thereby removing the skills, resources challenges and capital costs burden from you and your business, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

      • Provide you with a range of consultancy services as a bundle to service a role or roles in your organisation – e.g. Information Security Office or Data Protection Officer
      • Provide you with the skills and resources you need to supplement your teams, resources and skillsets.
      • Supply you with various security infrastructure(s) and their operation – as a service to address a particulare need – e.g. secure perimeter or secure endpoint thereby relieving you of the capital, training and internal resourcing requirements.
      • Provide you with proactive and reactive security monitoring and management solutions.
      • Provide proactive and reactive support services to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your Information Systems.
      • Ensure that you meet your compliance and contractual commitments and services levels to your users, partners and customers.
      • Provide you with all of the call and ticket handling, issue resolution, escalation and service level reporting services that an enterprise support service requires.