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    By Vincent Naughton on April 14, 2016

    We're all looking for some sense of satisfaction from our jobs. At Ward Solutions, we do our best to make sure that our staff are 100% satisfied in their roles, If you're looking for a change of pace, or simply a new challenge, then read our blog to see if Ward could be a good fit for you. And if it sounds like it is, then get in touch today!

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      Job satisfaction to be found at Ward Solutions - image
      A role at Ward Solutions can offer you complete job satisfaction, and a healthy work-life balance.

      Recently, while having a coffee with a friend, I was asked if I was happy within my current role as HR Manager at Ward Solutions, and whether my position provided me with sufficient job satisfaction. I answered that I was extremely satisfied in my position, but my friend’s question lingered in my thoughts for some time that day, and made me think about the level of job satisfaction that we offer to our employees at Ward Solutions.

      Working at Ward offers the following benefits:

      • We offer the opportunity to be part of a fast growing organisation built on team work and innovation.
      • We are committed to fostering a culture of learning, helping you to unlock your full potential and advance your career.
      • We have the experts here to mentor you within your career path.
      • You will receive and complete challenging work that will provide job satisfaction.
      • We have the right people here to help you enjoy your working day every day.
      • We are continuously improving and we are looking for those who like change to join us on this journey.
      • You will work with a team of experts and experience ‘Excellence,’ ‘Integrity,’ ‘Efficiency’ and ‘Value’ at their finest.

      The role of HR Manager at Ward Solutions has provided me with everything I wanted from a job, and more.  I feel valued by the team and I have the support of those around me to help me to achieve my goals.  Ward Solutions is a company on the move, making changes and making a difference on two levels. We constantly strive to ensure that our employees are satisfied in their roles, and that they take pleasure and pride from the work that they do. This in turn guarantees our customers an unparalleled level of service, and the highest standards of information security service and expertise.

      This highlights the importance of job satisfaction among employees and its fundamental relationship to the success of the organisation.
      Do you need a challenge, or just fancy a change? Are you tired of working in the same organisation? If so, now is the time to join a growing organisation that cares about its people, its customers and about Information Security.  Ward Solutions is an information security consultancy and system integration company. We help organisations protect their brand, people, assets, intellectual property and profits by identifying the threats, and minimising the risks that they face.

      If you want to join a growing organisation in which your voice will be heard and where you will be able to make a difference, make sure to contact us today. Follow our company page on LinkedIn and find out more about us.  Visit our website or contact me confidentially for a discussion on what openings we have in relation to Information Security Penetration Testers / Web Application Tests / Sales.
      I have found total job satisfaction at Ward Solutions and I would love to help you have the same here too.

      <em>by Anita Walsh, HR Manager, Ward Solutions</em>

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