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Ward Infosec Series | Have you ever felt like you’re being watched?

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Ward Infosec Series | Have you ever felt like you’re being watched?

This takes place every day around you. People share updates on social networks like LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook on a daily basis, they search for something on google, take selfies or skype with someone. The internet is a powerful platform that has been a life-saver and for some people it is as indispensable as water. A platform that is a necessity for almost every business today can also act as a weakness.

Identity Theft:

We all share our personal details online from our payment card details, date of birth, full names, passport information, e-mail ids, passwords and a lot more sensitive information. Many businesses make sure they implement security measures to keep this data safe but there is always a vulnerability. Global organisations have been hit in the last year, for eg; Equifax, 143 million customer’s data were breached. Hackers got access to their social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers and other information. We know exactly how customers feel right now, their trust has faded, reputation is at stake. Would a business make a comeback after they’ve been breached? Perhaps but it may take a number of years to recover.

The latest versions of phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs launch every year. 70% of most IoT (internet of things) devices are not secured according to a study conducted by Hewlett-Packard. There are a number of cases we’ve seen over the years in terms of webcams getting hacked and photos getting leaked. What hackers do is they take remote control of your device by using a malicious software and plot their exploit. We are talking about web-connected cameras that are on your laptop, cell phones, doggie cam and even baby monitors. There are websites which provide details of private web and security cameras that are not firmly protected, these are published to the public. Facebook Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg was a victim of this kind of incident. Many users think having an anti-virus on their system is the solution to the problem but an antivirus can stop most of the malware but not all of it.

If you could relate to this as a consumer, now as a business here is something you can look at:

Security Incident & Event Management:

Every business needs to have a security intelligence platform to give them visibility into what’s happening in their networks. A SIEM helps a business instantly detect a breach in real-time, provide early visibility on the cause of the breach and allow quick response to incidents that occur in the environment.

Our Managed SIEM Service is built around the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence platform which provides just that; a managed service delivered, security expert-led, next-generation solution, which provides advanced 24×7 incident detection. It integrates functions like SIEM, Risk Management, Log Management, Network Behaviour Analytics and Security Event management.

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Security Testing: Penetration testing is an effective method to get on the front foot and understand the extent of the security challenges an organisation faces. Employees should also receive basic security training, a business should conduct risk assessments and information system audits.
The one statistic that really sticks out for us is that 42% of external penetration that have occurred according to a Forrester 2016 report is via software vulnerabilities, 34% of breaches are as a result of Web application and coding issues such as SQL Injection, cross site scripting, remote file inclusion. Thus 76% of external security issues are as a result of software exploit or software coding or configuration issues.
Do you know your exposure to these threats? Do you know how to mitigate any vulnerabilities that you have and if so in what order?

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It is important to know what’s going on in and around you, find the right solutions to avoid a problem getting out of your control. Take matters into your hands and as the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You have to give your customer the best experience and build a trust factor that will never break loose. Here’s what you need to do, if you think you have been affected or if you need any advice on precautionary steps to take in your information security strategy,
e-mail and we will discuss your unique requirements.