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#50securedays | Week 4

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#50securedays | Week 4

Day 15: Avoid sending personal information such as your bank details or phone numbers via e-mail, even to friends, emails can fall into the wrong hands. #50securedays

Day 16: Malicious users check if your email is active by tricking you into responding to fake unsubscribe requests. So, if you don’t recognise the sender, avoid unsubscribing and stick to deleting the e-mail permanently. #50securedays

Day 17: Do not give out personal details over a call just because someone asks for it. Be careful and do not hesitate to ask questions back. There could be someone on the other line pretending to be someone else. 50securedays


Day 18: How many times have you received spam text message? Just make sure you don’t click any of these links, even by accident. If you have, call your telecom provider. #50securedays

Day 19: Our phones are our best friends anywhere we go especially when we’re by ourselves. Be aware of your surroundings, do not type in your passwords or open sensitive information in public transports. 50securedays

Day 20: Ads can be very tempting but sometimes we need to be cautious about buying things online using public Wi-Fi. This can be risky, so it’s best to connect to your own network when you make a purchase. 50securedays

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