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#50securedays- Week 3 is here!

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#50securedays- Week 3 is here!

Day 10: Make sure you carry your staff ID card anywhere you go. If you left it somewhere, notify your admin or your security team immediately. You don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. #50securedays

Day 11: We all receive promo e-mails but what if some come with attachments, do you open them? Don’t! Downloading the attachment gives the signal to the sender that your e-mail id is valid. #50securedays

Day 12: It is important to use a USB encryption especially when it contains sensitive information, this prevents access to the files if the USB is lost or stolen. #50securedays

Day 13: Did you know? Barcodes can be used by hackers to take money via your phone. Check that you can trust the source before you scan a barcode. #50securedays

Day 14: Make sure you turn on the firewall on your laptops as this will help you filter unwanted traffic. #50securedays

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