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    Assessing and transforming your security posture, helping you achieve regulatory, legislative and industry sector compliance requirements

    Ward Solutions are formally accredited by the PCI Security standards council to validate organisation adherence to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard PCI DSS. Use our services to validate that you meet the security requirement or to get advice on what needs to be done to meet these requirements.

    PCI DSS compliance is a complex process that payment processors need to go through in order to gain or maintain compliance with the relevant institutions. It is also an important standard to help protect customers and to achieve or maintain compliance. Payment processors must meet 12 key obligations outlined under the standard.

    Companies achieve compliance with the standards in different ways, according to the number of payments they may process, how card data is stored and whether they offer 3rd party processing services.

    Ward help to define the most suitable path to compliance and tailor our services accordingly.

      Ward Solutions is a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and has one of the leading range of QSA services, assisting clients at all stages of their PCI DSS lifecycle.

    • PCI Workshop: to confirm the project requirements and provide an understanding of PCI DSS to key stakeholders. This service also includes advice on PCI scope reduction at a high level.
    • PCI Gap analysis: this is used to uncover areas of non-compliance with PCI DSS, this service includes delivery of a report with detailing findings, highlighting the non-compliances with recommendations for remediation in each case. Ward will also advise on scope reduction, where possible, to help lessen the burden of PCI Compliance.
    • Assistance with completing your Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ): and along with signing of the Attestation of Compliance (AOC) by a Qualified Security Assessor. This activity can be preceded by a PCI Workshop and for complicated environments it may be best to conduct a Gap Analysis first.
    • Pre-Audit: An audit against all the requirements of PCI DSS to test a client’s readiness for a full Level 1 PCI Audit. This can be scaled down to a sample audit with the intention of testing your key stakeholders and priming them for an official audit.
    • PCI Documentation review : rReview of existing documents and policies, normally part of the Gap Analysis but can be acquired as a separate service.
    • Implementation/Remediation Assistance : Ward have staff with a wide range of expertise that can be drawn on for assistance with remediation tasks.
    • Quarterly PCI Vulnerability Scans : of all in scope External and Internal IP addresses. Ward offer a PCI Scanning Subscription Service through Qualys, the international number one provider.
    • External Penetration Test: a thorough security test of in scope network perimeter IP addresses in line with the PCI Security Council guidelines.
    • Internal Penetration Test: a security test of all internal IP addresses in scope.
    • Web Application Testing: this also includes the provision of Web Application Firewall’s.

    • Your organisation gets access to resource and expertise from one of Ireland and Northern Ireland's accredited QSA, privacy and information security resource pools.
    • You avail of our experiences, resources, activities and templates to gain PCI DSS and maintain compliance quickly and cost effectively.
    • Our service is tailored completely to your requirements in terms of services delivered, time and commercial models.
    • You get the use of our team and services to augment your existing strategic information security resources with another strategic resource to either bring areas of expertise not within your team or to accelerate work packages.


    We first assess the current state of your business process, compliance and industry framework and design a security strategy program to strengthen your organisation’s security posture.


    Ward’s services help you achieve compliance and we ensure you have all the necessary safeguards in place to defend your business and protect your customer.


    Let our experts help you identify where you need to optimise in your security posture.

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    • Let us provide the services, consultancy or infrastructure as a service to you thereby removing the skills, resources challenges and capital costs burden from you and your business, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

      • Provide you with a range of consultancy services as a bundle to service a role or roles in your organisation – e.g. Information Security Office or Data Protection Officer
      • Provide you with the skills and resources you need to supplement your teams, resources and skillsets.
      • Supply you with various security infrastructure(s) and their operation – as a service to address a particulare need – e.g. secure perimeter or secure endpoint thereby relieving you of the capital, training and internal resourcing requirements.
      • Provide you with proactive and reactive security monitoring and management solutions.
      • Provide proactive and reactive support services to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your Information Systems.
      • Ensure that you meet your compliance and contractual commitments and services levels to your users, partners and customers.
      • Provide you with all of the call and ticket handling, issue resolution, escalation and service level reporting services that an enterprise support service requires.