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Let Ward Solutions help you secure your email from malware, phishing and spam threats as well as offering you the ability to have secure end to end email delivery to your business partners, customers and consumers using Identity Based Encryption (IBE).



Traditional email security solutions focus on malware, spam and phishing protection. However in our experience the much bigger challenges now facing organisations is how to appropriately secure the content of your email channel  in accordance with your Information classification and handling policies as driven by  data protection legislation, contractual and industry compliance requirements. In real terms this means can you easily encrypt at the gateway sensitive email correspondence, provides message integrity based on organisational policy and can you prevent data leakage or loss scenarios without adding complexity to the sending or recipients email experience. Ward Solutions have been working with secure email for over 14 years. We have provided usable secure email communication solutions to highly sensitive national and international military, policing, healthcare, financial and insurance clients. Use our secure eMail services to:

  • Design, supply and implement secure email gateway solutions to protect you from email borne spam, malware of denial of service attacks.
  • Encrypt sensitive emails and manage delivery of the encrypted email to end users – corporate, business partner or consumers using Identity Based Encryption (IBE)
  • Provide easy mail receipt and un-encryption to valid email recipients regardless of their environment, without the need for plug-ins or special email clients etc
  • Manage email policy with respect to a users ability to reply, download, forward, modify  secure emails according to your information handling policy and needs.
  • Track delivery and receipt of secure emails.
  • Provide full email archive, audit and reporting capabilities.
  • Easily deploy in mail relay or transparent mode









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As a certified Microsoft Partner, Ward Solutions are in a position to supply, implement or support Microsoft Identity & Exchange email security solutions as well as Information Protection, Document Management and Collaboration solutions.

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Ward Solutions as a Fortinet Gold Partner can supply you with the full range of Fortinet endpoint security solutions based on the FortiMail, Fortigate, FortiClient platforms and solutions


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Wards Solutions as a McAfee elite partner can supply, implement and support the entire set of McAfee email gateway- which are some of the most comprehensive and well established on the market.

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