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Let Ward Solutions and our partners database security solutions help securely design, build, test,operate and manage your databases. 



In our experience of security assessments and penetration testing Information Services some of the highest risks and most critical vulnerabilities exist at the application and database layers. Databases typically hold the crown jewels of an organisation (e.g. credit card data, personal identifiable information, HR data, confidential data) and in many organisations the focus for databases has been on high availability rather than security. Implementing security measures at the database level can provide an organisation with an extra line of defence in their overall security solution. Also, with increasing regulatory compliance requirements, organisations are obliged to protect the sensitive data in their organisation, to know who has privilege to access it and to know who is actually viewing it.

Use our services and database solutions to:

  • Perform initial risk assessment and security design review of your database and application design at any stage in your security development cycle.
  • Design and implement secure database server high availability, backup, recovery and archive solutions.
  • Perform specific database server hardening services (e.g. transparent database encryption, auditing, data masking)
  • Provide ongoing security audit and assessment of your provider’s cloud services during operation either at pre-production or in production phases.

We can also supply and implement a range of compliance solutions that:

  • Helps discover all databases on your network and perform a vulnerability assessment for over 4,200 known vulnerabilities that may exist within the database infrastructure
  • Performs Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) solutions to detect any authorised or malicious behavior and terminate it without any significant impact to overall system performance.
  • Virtually patches Databases enabling up to date security and compliance without any downtime to your production databases, allowing you time to patch the underlying database software in line with your patch cycle.









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As a Microsoft certified security partner, we provide secure data and information services to our customers, using Microsoft platforms such as SQL Server, that incorporate features and capabilities to secure and protect your data.



As a Fortinet gold partner we can supply and support Fortinet FortiDB security and compliance  solution .


As a McAfee elite partner we can supply, implement or support McAfee database vulnerability manger, McAfee database monitoring, McAfee virtual patching solutions.

McAfee Database Vulnerability Manager

McAfee Database Activity Monitoring

McAfee Virtual Patching for Database