Secure Applications

Information Systems ultimately run applications to automate key business processes. To protect these key services and the data that they process these applications needs to be as secure as the rest of the infrastructure on which they are housed. Use Ward Solutions secure application services to  provide the highly specialist skills and resources to design, build test and secure your applications.



Ward Solutions secure application services can help you ensure.

  • Risk Assessment – to identify and mitigate specified security risks.
  • Development of multi-layered defence in depth Application security strategies.
  • Secure application design fully integrated with your infrastructure security.
  • Secure application development on all major application frameworks and platforms open source, Java, .NET etc.
  • Application security review, penetration and stress/load testing – pre-production and during operational phase
  • Supply and implementation of specialist application security technologies .such as Web Application Firewalls, tokenisation, strong access management and authentication solutions etc to mitigate identified risks
  • Supply and implementation of specialist Database security technologies. – such as database encryption, tokenisation, database vulnerability scanners, database access management (DAM) etc to mitigate identified database layer risks.
  • Implementation of specialist hardening services to protect all layers





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We can supply full secure application services for the Microsoft .NET development framework as well as all related Microsoft .NET application and database servers, SQL Server, SharePoint etc. We can also supply and implement all Microsoft security solutions for onprem and cloud, including their Identity Management provisioning process, Advanced Threat Analytics, Azure AD, Office 365 and more.


We can supply Fortinet industry leading Fortigate Firewalls, Fortiweb Web Application Gateway, Fortinet Load balancing, DDOS, Fortitoken strong authentication and Fortimail email security solutions as part of a composite or silo based application stack.

We can supply and implement leading Identity Management and strong authentication solutions, McAfee leading vulnerability assessment and management solutions, their next generation firewall as well as their database access management solutions and finally their industry leading endpoint and application anti virus and malware  solutions.