Secure Document Management & Collaboration Solutions

The way we do business is changing – within our own workspace as well as with our customers, vendors etc. Our staff need access to their information on the go, information needs to be managed globally between offices and we need to interact and share information with external parties.
The tools are available but are you implementing them properly to ensure the security and integrity of your data isn’t compromised for the sake of flexibility.


Organisations are using established and emerging platforms and solutions on premise and in the cloud increasingly for collaboration, document management and records management between their own users, with partners, customers, regulatory bodies. In many cases, these requirements are being met by a multitude of services, for fulfilling internal requirements for staff versus those for external users, potentially in an effort to keep your data secure and prevent your internal information from being available externally.
Customers are faced with

  • costs associated with subscriptions or licences for multiple solutions and products
  • operational and support costs for these solutions and their associated environments
  • challenges associated with the emerge of cloud based data storage and sharing services e.g. DropBox, which employees are using as unofficial workarounds for accessing their data remotely or sharing
  • concerns over data protection and handling of sensitive data

Requirements for features and capabilities that customers are looking for include:

  • Consolidate their information management / records management / collaboration services into a single solution
  • Familiar interfaces to simplify user experiences and give users a familiar work experience
  • Standardarise how information, documents, content is managed
  • Find information quickly and easily
  • Automate business processes and provide more dynamic control over information e.g. replacing static data in Excel files
  • Provide secure facilities to access information remotely and share information with 3rd parties.

With the emergence of so many cloud based collaboration and information management platforms and services, we see businesses struggling to understand whether they should adopt these services to support the demands made by staff and customers, and if so, what the right platform is for their business and how they should approach the change.

This is where we can deliver value to our customers by:

  • Assessing your existing services and requirements
  • Understanding the challenges and issues specific to your business
  • Identifying if cloud based solutions like Microsoft’s Office365 is the right solution for your business, or potentially an on-premise platform like SharePoint is more suitable
  • Providing the expertise to design and deliver the right solution for you, with your security concerns and obligations in mind
  • Delivering an ongoing managed service, to give you a single point of contact for support and requests, while proactively managing your environment and services

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As a Microsoft certified Solutions Partner, Ward Solutions can design, supply and implement your secure portal, collaboration, information and document management solutions. Utilsing Microsoft platforms and frameworks, such as Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, .NET, Office 365 and Azure, we have the skills and experience to provide on premise and cloud based solutions to meet your security, technical and business requirments.