Security, Incident & Event Management Solutions

Use our SIEM solutions and services to bring event, threat, and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management, and extensible compliance reporting.



Ward Solutions help organisations bring together the information from all of their Information Security infrastructure in order to securely store and analyse what is happening on your networks and Information Systems. This allows you to determine whether you are at risk, are under attack or have suffered a security event. It allows you  to react appropriately to prioritised information  in a timely manner. It also allows you to securely retain key event and log information for subsequent forensic investigation. Finally it allows to provide detailed reports and demonstrate compliance with relevant industry, best practice, regulatory and legal frameworks.

Use our SIEM solutions to:

  • Help achieve compliance for your log management, archive, regular log file review and event management policy requirements.
  • Securely capture your log file information, vault it, manage it and have it available for analysis and forensic investigation if required.
  • Correlate risk, threat and event information to provide meaningful prioritised security intelligence for appropriate and timely mitigation and actions.
  • Provide meaningful compliance audit and reporting of security on your networks and information systems.
  • Access near real time global threat intelligence data from globally deployed sensors to have minimise the impact of new threats and zero day attacks.





Case Studies

Ward Hypo Real Estate Case Study


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As a McAfee Elite Partner Ward Solutions are in a position to supply, design, implement McAfee’s top right Gartner Magic Quadrant SIEM solution for our customers either as a turnkey solution or a service.

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