Data Loss Prevention

Let Ward Solutions help you protect all of your data from malicious or inadvertent leaks from endpoints, from mobile devices, from the network, via email,  web or from information repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint.



Enforcing and effectively complying with your information security and information handling policies is becoming increasingly difficult given:

  • The explosion in data volumes
  • The lack of visibility over content of unclassified data both current and legacy and the inability to this match data to your information classifications and handling policies.
  • The diverse data types and repositories e.g. file shares, databases, document management systems etc.
  • The potential number of egress points on your network by which data might accidentally or maliciously leak, e.g. removable media, portable devices, email, web/file sharing, FTP etc.

At Ward Solutions our consultants have worked with a large number of highly security sensitive clients in defining and implementing data classification and information handling policies and procedures. Our engineers have similar experience in designing and implementing a range of technical solutions from our best of breed security partners to protect large volumes and a wide variety of data in diverse repositories from data loss or data handling contrary to defined policies.

Use our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to:

  • Define and implement data classification and information handling policies and procedures
  • Search, discover, index, report and classify data according to your classifications.
  • Audit information flows on your network to assist in risk assessment, risk mitigation and information handling policy and procedure development.
  • Secure endpoints from data loss or data leakage scenarios.
  • Secure mobile devices from data loss scenarios
  • Audit, report and prevent Data Loss Scenarios via email and web gateways.
  • Audit, report and prevent Data Loss Scenarios from document management solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint
  • Enforce Data Loss prevention beyond the boundaries of your network to 3rd parties and partner organisations
  • Audit and report on your compliance with your specified policies and procedures.









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As a Microsoft Certified Partner, focused on security, Ward Solutions are in a position to supply, implement or support Microsoft’s security solutions, both on premise and cloud, for information protection, information sharing, data and device management.

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Ward Solutions as a Fortinet Gold Partner can supply you with the full range of Fortinet Data Loss Prevention solutons based on the FortiClient, FortiGate, FortiMail  solution sets


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Ward Solutions as a McAfee elite partner can supply, implement and support the entire set of McAfee endpoint suite and Network DLP solutions which are some of the most comprehensive and well established on the market.

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