Cloud Solutions

Let Ward Solutions help organisations in their path to secure cloud adoption, advising on appropriate cloud models for their business, delivering secure design, implementation services and a fully Managed Security Service, providing you with a single provider for all your requirements.



The Challenge: drivers for organisations to provide their customers with more real time and collaborative services are increasing – staff are demanding more flexibility and empowerment in how and from where they work – everyone is under pressure to reduce costs – our users, data and apps have to be kept secure.
Services available in public cloud continue to expand, promising some or all of the above, allowing businesses to move away from on-premise infrastructure to hosting services in the cloud, replacing on premise software and desktop tools with Software as a Service offerings.

So which cloud service is right for your business?
The answer is that there is no silver bullet, no one shoe fits all.
The differences in our organisations, our requirements, how we interact with others, how our staff work, the information we work with etc. means that the right service (or combination of services) for 1 business will not be the right fit for another.

This is where Ward Solutions bring value to our customers.
We get to know your business, how you work, the key functions and requirements your organisation needs not just to operate, but to do so in as efficient, cost effective and secure manner as possible.
From performing assessments and offering guidance on a roadmap for cloud adoption, through assistance in onboarding, implementation services, to offering fully Managed Security Services, we can assist you in individual phases of your journey, or work with you throughout.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment service, to review your current services (onprem & cloud), your IT Strategy, current requirements and issues, to determine a roadmap and approach, specific to your business, for adoption and migration of suitable cloud services.
  • Cloud Discovery, to provide you with visibility of the cloud services that may currently be in use from your network right now, that you may be unaware of.
  • For Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) requirements, Ward will provide design & architecture services, to ensure security, scalability, robustness of your cloud network and platforms.
  • Where public cloud is not the right model for your business, Ward Solutions can design and build your own private or hybrid to meet you specific security requirements.
  • Ward can help you in migration to cloud services, for example of email to Office365, identities to Azure Active Directory, or setup of software on public Cloud Iaas, ensuring that the appropriate level of security controls are put in place.
  • We perform risk assessment and security design reviews of 3rd party providers architecture or designs.
  • We provide ongoing security audit and assessment of your provider’s cloud services during operation either at pre-production or in production phases.

As of Jan 2017, Ward Solutions are now registered as part of the Microsoft Cloud Service Provider progamme.
You can now register with Ward for your Office 365 & Azure licenses and subscriptions, allowing us to provide our managed services to you as part of an overall service, meaning you can manage your Microsoft Office 365 & Azure licence, subscription and managed service provider costs all through 1 single vendor.


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As a Microsoft certified Partner, Ward Solutions are in a position to supply, implement and support Microsoft’s cloud services such as Microsoft Office365, Azure AD, Azure VM’s etc.

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As a Fortinet gold partner we can supply and support Fortinet cloud services such  Fortiguard, FortiAnalyzer etc in the cloud.

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As a McAfee elite partner we can supply, implement or support the various McAfee cloud/ SaaS. services such as  Saas Email Encryption, SaaS endpoint suites etc.


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