Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) has become a concept which sits at the heart of IT, giving control over the identities within your organisation, what they have access to and when.


As the landscape of business continues to change and we move away from pure on premise environments and adopt the promise of cloud services, IAM becomes a more critical security control to have in place within your IT infrastructure.

Since our foundation we have implemented some of the largest Identity and Access Management solutions in some of the most diverse and challenging environments in the British Isles to solve varying challenges and issues for our customers.

Identity & Access Management Coverage

Typical IAM Challenges and Issues

  • Cost & effort of managing manual provisioning processes
  • Lack of control, auditing and transparency of acces
  • Security risks of old identities still active or identities with elevated permissions
  • Users with multiple identities and credentials for different applications
  • Management of mobile devices used within your organisation by staff, vendors etc.

By helping customers understand their current IAM capabilities and identifying the appropriate IAM Strategy and Roadmap for this business, Ward Solutions continue to help our clients by providing IAM solutions to tackle these challenges and deliver tangible benefits

  • Processes are automated, reducing cost and effort from IT Operations & Support
  • Improved control and transparency over who has access to what and when
  • Security risks such as orphaned accounts and elevated access minimised
  • Users have a single identity and SSO experience
  • Users provided with self-service capabilities, for unlocking accounts, requesting access
  • Improved quality and veracity of your user identity data and your reporting capabilities on this information.

If you’re interested in learning more about our IAM services and solutions, speak to one of our team – visit or call us on +353 1 6420100.


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Ward Solutions leverages a range of Identity and Access Management services for onprem and cloud, allowing us to delivery solutions in identity provisioning, Single Sign On, On-Prem and Cloud identity syncing, privileged account management, multi factor authentication, self service account management, mobile device management and information protection services to our customers.


As a Fortinet Gold partner Ward Solutions can leverage Fortinets remote access and strong authentication solutions – FortiGate, FortiAuthenticator and FortiToken to provide our clients with secure remote access and strong authentication solutions .