Managed Perimeter

Ward can provide you with a rich set of multi-layered perimeter security solutions as a service to protect you from all of the external and internal threats passing through your perimeter on your corporate networks and in the cloud. We can design, supply, implement, tune, monitor and manage a complete secure perimeter as a Service, or individual elements of a secure perimeter, providing you with significantly enhanced protection, enabling compliance, without the costs, skills and resource  overheads of your own turn-key solution.


Traditional network perimeters definitions no longer apply. Traditional security solutions are no longer adequate on their own to address the new perimeters or the new range of risks and threats posed to your Information Services. Ward Solutions has been working in this new environment for  significant period of time and can supply and implement the most comprehensive and effective solutions individually or collectively as a service to help secure your perimeters.

Use our secure perimeter as a service to:

  • Design, supply and implement an industry leading perimeter security solution to protect important or at risk information assets, including:
    • traditional and next generation firewalls.
    •  web content security solutions.
    •  secure email gateway solutions including anti spam, anti malware, email Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Identity Based Encryption (IBE).
    •  Universal Threat Management (UTM) solutions.
    • Network Access Control (NAC) solutions
    • Remote access solutions.
    • Strong authentication and federation solutions
    • Network and perimeter based Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions.
    • Proactive and reactive security monitoring and management solutions, such as vulnerability management/scanning, Network Intrusion Prevention/Detection Systems.
    • Design, supply and implement Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) solutions
    • Design, supply and implement load balancing solutions, caching and DNS solutions.
  • Configure perimeter security solutions in accordance with your policy, best practices and compliance obligations
  • Provide ongoing tuning, maintenance and change control of your perimeter security solutions.
  • Provide regular incident, alerts, audit and usage reports
  • Optionally supply value added services such as incident response and mitigation services to alerts, events and incidents on your perimter security solutions.
  • Provide support and maintenance services on the perimeter security platform to ensure optimal and continuous operation and performance.
  • Help achieve compliance for your Information Security policy requirements.
  • Access near real time global threat intelligence data from globally deployed sensors to have minimise the impact of new threats and zero day attacks









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As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner we are in a position to supply, design, implement and support Remote Access,Web  content security, email content security and Application firewalls using the Microsoft Forefront suite of products


As a Fortinet Gold Partner Ward are well place to supply and implement Fortinets industry leading firewall, web content security, email security and encryption, UTM, strong authentication, Distributed Denial of Service. (DDoS), load balancing, caching and DNS solutions.

As a McAfee elite partner we can design, supply, implement and support McAfee next generation firewall, web gateway, email security gateway, network Intrusion Prevention Systems, vulnerability management and Network Data Loss prevention solutions.

Juniper Networks

As a Juniper partner we are in a position to supply, design, implement and support Juniper Remote Access and Network Access Control solutions

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Nordic Edge

As a Nordic Edge partner we are in a position to supply, design, implement and support strong authentication and user access management solutions

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