Managed Cloud

Let Ward Solutions provide you with a full range of Managed Cloud Security services to help you obtain and maintain compliance with industry, regulatory or legal compliance. Let us provide private or hybrid cloud services and infrastructure as a service to you thereby removing the skills, resources challenges and capital costs burden from you and your business, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

  • Provide you with a range of managed cloud options from hybrid to private
  • ┬áProvide you with the skills and resources you need to design, build, commission and operate the cloud service securely at all layers.
  • Operate the cloud service to agreed service levels and security policy
  • Provide you with proactive and reactive security monitoring and management solutions
  • Provide proactive and reactive support services to ensure the confidentiality, availability, performance and integrity of your cloud service
  • Ensure that you meet your compliance and contractual commitments and services levels to your users, partners and customers
  • Provide you with all of the call and ticket handling, issue resolution, escalation and service level reporting services that an enterprise cloud support service requires.

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