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    Providing 24x7 monitored and managed protection of your people, data infrastructure and applications.

    Threats and risks to your infrastructure and application are always present and evolving. Ad hoc infrequent testing is no longer enough to detect and mitigate. Use Ward Solution continuous full stack integrated security testing to perform ongoing vulnerability assessment and penetration testing mapping the risk of each vulnerability on your infrastructure or applications to the criticality of your information assets, determining the likelihood of exploit and its impact on your business. Armed with this information you can prioritise your remediation efforts.

    Organisations are facing greater challenges today than at any time in the past, and those that cannot detect, prioritise, and proactively address vulnerabilities face a significant likelihood of having their systems compromised.

    A vulnerability management program that adopts a business focussed view and reduces the time between discovery and remediation is an essential element of any information security program.

    Our Continuous Full Stack Integrated Security Testing Service provides a holistic, business focussed vulnerability and threat management service. This can incorporate tailored risk assessments, penetration testing, continuous vulnerability management and threat intelligence correlation as part of an annual service.

    Our service incorporates full stack infrastructure, server, and application testing for on premise and in the cloud workloads. It is modular and customisable to your requirements.

    The service is provided by our SOC, GRC and Penetration testing experts and utilises our pool of expertise, intellectual property and toolsets, as well as our best of breed partner solutions from IBM and Qualys.

    The service provides organisations with:

    • 24x7 Vulnerability Scanning (Full stack), scan and detect network, operating system, database and application vulnerabilities.
    • Round the clock 24x7-threat defence from our Security Operations Centre.
    • OWASP Top 10 vulnerability detection.
    • Investigation, prioritisation, reporting and remediation advice from certified Penetration testers.
    • 24/7 access to your vulnerability management dashboard.
    • 24/7 web application change monitoring.
    • Provides continuous testing to ensure that you have up to date status on the security posture and status of your infrastructure or applications on premise and in the cloud.
    • Timely and accurate alerts to allow appropriate rapid response and mitigation or defensive actions.
    • Customised reporting and frequency to suit your needs and risk profile.
    • Correlation of real time threat intelligence with vulnerability information.

    Full stack testing is provided by our SOC, GRC and Penetration testing experts and utilises our pool of expertise, intellectual property and toolsets, as well as our best of breed partner solutions from IBM and Qualys. Our service offers the following benefits to organisations:

    • Your organisation benefits from enhanced Security. Our solution delivers early identification of vulnerabilities through provision of integrated testing, so reducing time between identification and remediation of vulnerabilities.
    • Our service is business focussed, our testing regime enables you to focus on key risks to business operations and critical assets of importance to you.
    • We provide an independent objective Service. Ward experts can objectively and expertly assess the risk, vulnerabilities, potential impact and make recommendations as to prioritised mitigations continually.
    • You benefit from measureable results. Our service can provide the relevant vulnerability metrics to show progress of your security programs or mitigation activities.
    • You benefit from flexibility. The service ensures that you do not need to tie your teams up testing or buy expensive testing tools. It ensures a structured approach to your testing eliminating periodic ad hoc testing activity, which is often not joined up, wasteful and provides out of date information as to actual security status.

    Implementing controls and technologies to protect you from an increasingly complex threat landscape.

    Ensure Cyber Security

    With ever evolving cyber threats that occur 24/7, increasingly sophisticated infrastructures and stricter regulatory compliance requirements organisations are finding it a challenge to ensure information security.

    Protect Your Organisation

    Ward Solutions MSSP solutions enable you to protect your organisation by elevating your security posture, simplifying you overall security management, increase productivity and improving customer experience.

    Immediately Identify & Respond to Threats

    Our 24/7 Security Operation Centre (SOC) is manned by security experts dedicated to securing your data by identifying and responding to threats before you even know about them.

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    • Let us provide the services, consultancy or infrastructure as a service to you thereby removing the skills, resources challenges and capital costs burden from you and your business, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

      • Provide you with a range of consultancy services as a bundle to service a role or roles in your organisation – e.g. Information Security Office or Data Protection Officer
      • Provide you with the skills and resources you need to supplement your teams, resources and skillsets.
      • Supply you with various security infrastructure(s) and their operation – as a service to address a particulare need – e.g. secure perimeter or secure endpoint thereby relieving you of the capital, training and internal resourcing requirements.
      • Provide you with proactive and reactive security monitoring and management solutions.
      • Provide proactive and reactive support services to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your Information Systems.
      • Ensure that you meet your compliance and contractual commitments and services levels to your users, partners and customers.
      • Provide you with all of the call and ticket handling, issue resolution, escalation and service level reporting services that an enterprise support service requires.