Incident Management & Response

When you suffer an Information Security Incident appropriate best practice Incident Response is critical to re-establishing your Information Service, minimising the severity and impact of the incident on your business, investigating how and what has occurred and taking appropriate remedial and mitigation issues.

Data Forensics & Incident Response


Some of the largest national and international organisations use Ward Solutions information security incident response services to:

  • Implement a formalised, standards based incident response service to identify, contain, eradicate, recover and follow-up on the incident,
  • provide the expertise, experience of our technical security resources at the appropriate stages of the incident response lifecycle .
  • provide additional services such as standards based Digital Forensics investigation and expert witness to help capture, investigate relevant digital evidence relating to the event and take appropriate actions based on the conclusions of the investigation.
  • Use our Security Solutions capability to design or deploy Information Security automation and mitigation technologies to mitigate the vulnerabilities and attack vectors during or after the incident.





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