Digital Forensics Investigation

When you suffer a security incident, timely, standards based, forensically sound digital forensic investigation is the key to the acquisition and investigation of all related and available digital  evidence. Expert examination of this evidence is critical to drawing appropriate, objective conclusions and taking the appropriate action.

Data Forensics & Incident Response


Use Ward Solutions Digital Forensics investigation services to help you manage any suspected Information Security incidents. We provide Digital Forensic and Information Security services to a wide range of national and international blue and green light security services, and to whole range of financial, insurance, legal, accounting and other sectors. Our staff are fully experienced  trained and certified Digital Forensics investigators to MSc level and also fully accredited in Guidance software encase toolsets

Use our services to:

  • Provide initial security incident survey and response services.
  • Advise on how to proceed with Digital Forensic investigation services.
  • Acquire any relevant digital evidence associated with potential or actual Information Security events in a standard, best practices based forensically sound methodology using recognised digital forensics toolsets to preserve all relevant evidence
  • Investigate acquired evidence to determine, the “if, what, when, how and whom” of the Information Security incident.
  • Provide digital forensic reports with objective conclusions, supported by the evidence acquired and investigated.
  • Work with your legal, financial or criminal advisors in providing digital forensics expertise, evidence and objective expert conclusions.
  • Provide expert witness testimony where appropriate.
  • Provide mitigation advise and solutions to help prevent further Information Secrurity issues arising in the future





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