Design security into your Information Systems up-front – increase security, reduce re-engineering costs, meet your deadlines.



Ward Solutions can assist you to increase the security of any new Information System integration, build and deployment by specifying your security requirements at functional specification stage and by designing or reviewing your information security architecture at the design stage. This means that appropriate security is literally engineered into your solution during build phase. Ward Solution security assessment or penetration test can then validate that the system meets security design criteria and is secure pre-production. Even if your Information system is already in production we can also review its design at this stage and make any necessary recommendations.

From our experience this early intervention means that systems are more secure and less likely to need significant costly and time sapping security re-engineering at the pre-production stage. We can:

  • Perform a Risk Analysis of the risks your Information Systems face and provide a recommended prioritised mitigation plan.
  • Specify security requirements up-front at functional specification stage to best practices, organisational, industry or complaince frameworks standards, as required.
  • Review your or your vendor designs at the design review stage from an Information Security perspective.
  • Assure your Information System at pre-production stage as part of System Testing, from an Information Security perpective.
  • Provide load testing services to validate Information Systems Availability.
  • Review disaster recovery requirements for the Information System.
  • Continue to review systems changes from an Information Security perspective during your systems operations phase
  • Perform periodic security audits, vulnerability assessment and penetration tests to an appropriate frequecy during systems operations
  • Review Systems decommisioning processes





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