Social Engineering

Test all aspects of your controls of your Information Systems, including physical and personnel controls.

Audit & Testing


In our experience  physical, personnel and organisational controls are just as important as Industry leading security technology in securing Information Systems. As part of our Security Assurance services use our Social Engineering services to help test and validate your physical, organisational and personnel Information Security posture against best practices, your own policies, procedures and compliance frameworks.

This aspect of security is often forgotten  in an organisations security assessment. Use our Social Engineering services to:

  • Perform risk assessment of your physical, organisation and personnel risks associated with your Information Systems.
  • Test your physical controls of your Information assets.
  • Test your organisational controls of your Information assets.
  • Test your personnel controls and your personnel Information Security awareness.
  • Identify and Determine mitigation strategies to address any identified short comings.

Most organisations undertake Social Engineering assessments as part of a combined security assessment, however we are happy to perform this as a discrete assessment or as part of a combined assessment, according to your requirements.






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