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Ward Infosec: The True Story Behind GDPR

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Ward Infosec: The True Story Behind GDPR

With GDPR just around the corner, businesses are in panic mode. We work with businesses across all industries from retail, agriculture, education, manufacturing and many more.

Here is our 5 step guide to help you on your GDPR journey:


With the number of data breaches that have happened in the last one year, the truth is out, personal data is being misused. We are connected to the internet every day. We are so used to sharing our data online without any hesitation because we thought it was safe but things have changed.

Rights of a customer:

How many irrelevant e-mails do you get on a daily basis? How many ads do you come across that you’re not interested in? As a customer we’re being tracked in every way. It isn’t wrong for a business to do that but a customer should have the right to opt-out and feel comfortable with your brand tracking their behavioural pattern.


Customers are far more educated about what’s going on in the cyber world. They are now more reluctant to share details about themselves. If your business can convince them on how responsible you’ll be with their data, there is a good chance that the trust will be built at a much early stage.

Life after GDPR: Prevention is better than cure

With the kind of breaches that are expected to take place in the future, it is critical for businesses to have a security incident and event management in place. Many companies out there rely on internal staff but it is recommended to have a third party involved especially to fill up the gaps that might be missed before and after a breach takes place. According to IBM’s latest study, having an incident response team can save €15 per record that is €371,384 per breach. You’re not only saving up on the cost of a breach but you’re preventing on any possibility of an attack and you’ve also got back-up just in case things go wrong.

GDPR isn’t all about the fines, it’s about who you are protecting at the end, your customer and your business.

Ward Solutions are a nationwide organisation that offers a wide range of information security services that have helped many businesses across the world.

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