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Ward Infosec: Can ISO 27001 save your business?

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Ward Infosec: Can ISO 27001 save your business?

Only 38% of global organizations claim they are prepared to handle a sophisticated cyber-attack. The question is, are you prepared?

Customer loyalty
64% Data breaches impact customer loyalty.

Problem: Currently breaches are occurring more frequently and unexpectedly. Consumers are hesitant to share their data because it could personally impact them from monetary loss, identity theft or maybe even something worse.

Solution: With ISO 27001, you can learn exactly how to manage risks in your business by identifying threats. ISO27001 accreditation provides reassurance that these customers need to maintain customer loyalty.

What’s the impact?
Global average cost of a data breach: $3.62 million.

Problem: The number of incidents are increasing daily and with organisations facing increasing budgetary requirements. The question we ask businesses is, do you have the right approach?

Solution: One of the many benefits of having an ISO 27001 in place is that you prioritise your security needs. Our services can help your business stay secure end-to-end.

Why might businesses be at risk?
93% of organisations are currently using cloud services

Today, everything is connected to the internet, whether you’re a small or big enterprise, from the janitor to the CEO can be a target for an attack. Having an accredited management program like the ISO 27001 will help the organisation manage their information security from endpoint to the cloud.

ISO 27001 & GDPR
A company that is ISO 27001 accredited are halfway through their GDPR journey.

With the new regulation coming into force from May 25th one of the best practice Ward recommends is having an ISO 27001 accreditation as part of your GDPR journey.
The regulator will see that an organisation has implemented significant diligence in their compliance obligations either in a BAU audit or post an incident.

Interested to know more about our ISO offering, download the whitepaper below.

Ward has a very large pool of trained, accredited and experienced ISO27001 consultancy team that helps many businesses attain and maintain this accreditation in a timely and cost-effective manner. Speak to our ISO experts now, e-mail or call +353 1 6420100 or +44 28 90 730 187 to discuss your unique requirement.