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Ward Infosec: 4 cloud security threats that need your attention!

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Ward Infosec: 4 cloud security threats that need your attention!


Everybody in your business is connected to the internet and you could be the next target to a data breach.
If you look at businesses right now they hold valuable information, so where is all this data stored and who has access to this information?

Everyone is moving to the cloud and the question is, is it safe?

4 threats you need to know about in your cloud right now-

According to Microsoft’s survey 67% of workers already use their personal devices in the workplace.

The number of employees using their personal devices and applications in their workplace is trending upwards. This brings additional risk to the company and is done not for any malicious reasons, rather for ease convenience. In order to mitigate this risk, businesses need to start assessing the security of the cloud infrastructure with all these devices connected to it.

Lack of Identity & Access Management
The average enterprise uses 1,427 distinct cloud services.

Each user in an organisation should have a single, unique and easily identified digital identity. This allows quick identification of unusual behaviour and an ability stop it as quickly as possible. If this unusual behaviour is caused by compromised credentials, the company can track the identity to find the root of the compromise. It also allows for easier auditing and reporting on behaviours and access to sensitive systems and information.

Shared technology vulnerabilities
The average enterprise uses 76 distinct file sharing cloud service.

One vulnerability is all it takes to put the whole company at risk. The problem with many cloud service providers is that it allows users access to shared devices, platforms and applications and if a vulnerability is found in either one of them, that exposes them to a breach.

Spectre & Meltdown-
80% have found the Meltdown and Spectre patching process to be unclear.

We call these two the Bonnie & Clyde of cloud threats, patching doesn’t always run smooth even in the best circumstances. The truth is half the organisations don’t have a strategy for securing machines that can’t be patched right away. This is why we advise customers to make sure they have a back-up plan if things get ugly.

We’re living in a world where everything is made simpler for us even in the world of security, we have tools that detect and respond to threats in a matter of seconds. Have a look at our cloud security services here that we can help you with step by step and if you’d like to speak to our security consultants, e-mail us at or call +353 1 6420100 or +44 28 90 730 187 to discuss your unique requirements.