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#50securedays | Week 5

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#50securedays | Week 5

Day 21: Before you send out any e-mails, make sure you cross-check the e-mail address, especially if you are sending out sensitive information. 50securedays

Day 22: Don’t let information fall into the wrong hands. Do not leave print outs containing sensitive information lying around. If you really need to print it, pick it up from the printer immediately. 50securedays

Day 23: For many organisations shredding of paper is essential for GDPR compliance! Removing information no longer required is good practice, but ensure it is destroyed and not just thrown away. 50securedays

Day 24: Spotted someone at work you don’t recognise? Ask them if they need anything and direct them to the front desk to get them sorted. 50securedays

Day 25: Make sure you are aware if a device is connected to your laptop and that you have not allowed access to the data unless and until you trust the source. #50securedays

Day 26: This is an easy to fix solution that helps people solve a problem much faster. Screen-shares are common to use and most of the time safe but make sure you are always present and aware of what is being looked at from the other side. 50securedays

Day 27: Outlook users, a more secure way is to keep your reading pane turned off so that when you receive any spam or dodgy e-mail you can delete without having any access or visibility to any text or link in the e-mail. 50securedays

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