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#50securedays has begun- Week 1!

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#50securedays has begun- Week 1!

Not sure if you noticed but we’ve started something interesting in the past two weeks on our social channels and here is a recap of week 1!


Day 1: We’ve all been there! Even if you have to leave your desk for 1-30 seconds, you need to lock your system. Privacy matters in security! #50securedays



Day 2: Spot the difference? Did you know that having a clean desk policy helps you comply with data protection guidelines? #50securedays



Day 3: You may have a personal and a business account in most of these apps but experts recommend not transferring any business files to any of your personal accounts. #50securedays



Day 4: If Zuckerberg does, maybe we should too. How do you cover your webcam? Comment below on ideas you have. #50securedays



Day 5: Bluetooth is one of the most popular short-range wireless technologies but there is a high risk involved in it. Make sure you turn them off, if you’re not connecting a device and if you need to, make sure you’re aware what is connected to it. #50securedays


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