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Ward Infosec: 5 reasons why your business maybe vulnerable!

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Ward Infosec: 5 reasons why your business maybe vulnerable!


Here are a few facts to get started with:

  • There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds
  • 95% of breached records come from three industries: Government, Retail & Technology
  • The average cost of a breach in 2020 will exceed 150 million.

When was the last time you conducted a security check?

Every business today carries sensitive information about their employees and their customers. Most of the time this is stored in a system that is prone to vulnerabilities. Studies say it takes a business at least 8 months to know if they have been breached.

Firewalls and anti-virus are not your only solution

Our recent study says- 77% of companies fear that cybercriminals will use AI to strengthen attacks in the next 12 months. We’re living in a digital landscape that is evolving every day, the latest technologies created gives rise to a lot more opportunities for cybercriminals to strengthen attacks.

Your employees are your biggest strengths and weakness

It is estimated that 90% of cyber attacks are due to human error. Do you conduct phishing scams regularly and assess them with your staff? Do you monitor your employee’s activity for security purposes? There is always a possibility for an error, it’s one small gap that a hacker needs to do his job.

Left this with the board to decide?

The IT department is not the only one responsible for the security of a business, the board needs to get involved in understanding the importance of having tight security measures in place. This is where the CIO should break it down to the Board and explain why a certain kind of security service is relevant for the business by not getting into details but speaking their language.

Budgets spent on GDPR only?

We’re currently helping many businesses in their compliance journey and this is what we’ve understood, companies are more focused on GDPR and not the main objective behind it. Businesses will have to pay fines ‘not’ if they are or aren’t compliant but when they are ‘breached’.

We built a 360-degree vulnerability management program that will solve this for you end-to-end and the best part is it’s a 24X7 service that can be managed by us and controlled by you. Our subject-matter experts consist of our SOC, GRC and Penetration testing team that will utilise our pool of expertise, intellectual property, and toolsets as well as our best breed partner solutions from IBM and Qualys.

For more details about this service, refer to our webinar here.

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