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Ward Solutions | A Safe And Secure World


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Aren’t the stats in the video above shocking?
At Ward our mission is to protect your brand, people, assets, intellectual property and profits by identifying the threat and minimising the risks that you face.

The one statistic that really sticks out for us is that 42% of external penetration that have occurred according to a Forrester 2016 report is via software vulnerabilities.

A further 34% of breaches are as a result of Web application and coding issues such as SQL Injection, cross site scripting, remote file inclusion thus 76% of external security issues are as a result of software exploit or software coding or configuration issues.
Do you know your exposure to these threats? Do you know how to mitigate any vulnerabilities that you have and if so in what order. If you are worried then why not:

  • Identify the risks you face utilizing Ward Solutions organisational risk assessment
  • Identify the vulnerabilities in your software applications and infrastructure using our vulnerability scanning service and whether they are exploitable and what the potential impact is on your business using our best in class penetration testing services.

As new vulnerabilities arise all the time, configurations change etc  – We strongly suggest to all businesses that they continuously test so why not let Ward Solutions provide you with continuous full stack testing service.

Feel free to visit our pages to know more about our services- Penetration Testing,  Risk Assessment & Audit, Social Engineering and Automated Vulnerability Scan.

Don’t make the mistake of having non-existent or infrequent testing. Use testing to prioritise your security spend to fix any issues that you have. Some of the biggest businesses have been hit hard, do you really want to take the risk now?

To speak to any one of our experts, e-mail: or call: +353 1 6420100/ +44 28 90 730 187 to discover our range of information

security solutions and discuss your unique requirements.

To have a look at our latest survey results, checkout our latest whitepaper editions of mapping cyber security solutions – 

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